May 12

May 13: Creation

At this time last year I was having a super-secret fetus Mother’s Day as only the Mister knew I was pregnant.  We were waiting until the second trimester before telling anyone else.  With one accidental exception.

I was going to lunch with a friend who suggested sushi.  Nine times out of ten, when we have lunch together it’s sushi.  “No problem,” thought my secretly pregnant self, “I’ll just get something baked.”  But then I realized it was one of those sushi restaurants where you sit down and they bring you chef’s choice until you’re full.  Normally, this sounds like an awesome dining experience to me.  However, I knew my secretly paranoid self would not be able to hang.  I quickly tried to think of an excuse to get out of going to that restaurant.  I know some people might say, “Ooh, I’m sorry, I don’t want [insert any type of food] for lunch, I’m having that for dinner.”  I am not one of those people.  I love sushi and can eat it all day long.  I just pretend I’m in Japan.

As we were about to drive to sushi heaven, which now was about to become my sushi hell, I blurted out, “I can’t go to sushi.”  My friend looked at me and instantly knew.  “You’re pregnant.”  In a way, it felt good to tell someone else and talk about it, but I also couldn’t believe I cracked.

When I got home from lunch (from a restaurant where I got a yummy pregnancy-approved sandwich) I told the Mister what I had done.  He promptly kicked me off his fake super secret spy team as I had essentially given away the launch codes.

Baby Love right before we left the hospital.

May 14th challenge:  Admiration