May 03

May 4: Favorite Dessert

I never considered myself someone with a huge sweet tooth. Until I got married. Compared to the Mister my teeth are made of sugar. We often have this exchange:

Me: I’m going to have ice cream for dessert. Do you want some?

The Mister: Um…

Me: (realizing) Ohmygod! You’re going to eat an apple!

The Mister: (hand in the fruit crisper) But sometimes that’s just what I want!

I don’t let that deter me from eating my dessert. But being a multi-tasker, I do it whilst giving him grief.

We did find common dessert ground, appropriately, at our wedding where we enjoyed delicious mini-pies courtesy of Simple Things ( I am completely obsessed with this place. Flavors included: salted caramel, lemon bar, cherry, chocolate peanut butter with a large pumpkin pie centerpiece. Besides making promises of ever lasting love, it was a highlight of the wedding. And maybe for some, the pie trumped all. Fine by me. I’m happy to get upstaged by yummy pie any day.

Simple Things pie we received for our wedding anniversary: salted caramel, Mississippi mud, cherry and banana cream.

May 5th challenge: something foreign