May 01

May 2: A Surprise!

This could also fall under the category of an unwanted surprise. I didn’t believe the Mister when he said I had a white hair. So he plucked it. And there it be. Stark white. It couldn’t even humor me by being grey.

I like to think the Mister planted it as a way to get back at me for the time, a few months ago, when I said he had a grey hair. He wasn’t convinced, so I pulled it out. All that did was lead him to offer up the explanation that sometimes his hair looks grey, but it’s just the light reflecting off of his brown hair. Mmm..okay. So he encouraged me to pull another hair, which I did. And there sat one grey hair and one brown hair.

Because he’s a dude he did not, like me, photograph this alarming moment. I did stop short of keeping it. Although if I had, I likely would’ve used a sharpie on it by now to return it to its rightful black glory.

May 3rd challenge: A must-have